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EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien"

EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien"

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    EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien"

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    EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien" with bookwork by Thomas Schmitt

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    EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien" with drawings by Gundi Feher

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    EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien" with works by Dieter Roth, Ed Ruscha, and Hans-Peter Feldmann

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    EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien" with works and correspondence by Daniel Spoerri

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    EX LIBRIS: "Anekdotische Topographien" with Gesammelte Werke by Dieter Roth


"Anekdotische Topografien"

Wien Lukatsch

Galerie und Buchhandlung | gallery and bookshop for art books

5 July – 30 September 2013

A desire to support the connections between art and the world of the book lies at the heart of the work of Barbara Wien and Wilma Lukatsch. Founded in 1988 by Barbara Wien as the press and bookshop “Wiens Laden & Verlag” in former West Berlin, by today, a quarter century later, it has developed to one of the most interesting galleries in the city and has a history of regularly exhibiting artists for whom the book is a central medium. The gallery has always been extended by an exquisit art bookshop that specializes in rare Fluxus and Conceptual art materials. 
The third book display, titled with an adapted quote of Daniel Spoerri’s multilayered book project, Topographie Anécdotée* du Hasard (1961–1995), emerged from personal conversations with the two gallerists. Presented in and on several table vitrines, the display is integrated into the everyday scenery of the bookshop. A constellation of publications reflects the history of the place while trying to map these works in a larger context of artist book production and the question of the book-as-exhibition. In the focus are books by George Brecht, Nina Canell, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Gundi Feyrer, Arthur Köpcke, George Maciunas, Nam June Paik, Dieter Roth, Tomas Schmit, Daniel Spoerri, Emmett Williams, and others. A complete luxury edition of Dieter Roth’s Gesammelte Werke in a glass cabinet is also included in the display.
Wien Lukatsch 
Galerie und Buchhandlung für Kunstbücher | gallery and bookshop for art books
Schöneberger Ufer 65, 3rd floor
D-10785 Berlin
Tue–Fri, 1–6 p.m., Sat 12–6 p.m.


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