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K. Verlag was co-founded as an independent publishing imprint and curatorial-editorial platform by curator/editor Anna-Sophie Springer and artist Charles Stankievech in 2011; K. operates as a machine to research the “book-as-exhibition.” K.’s publishing and curating produces new geographical and physical encounters, develops intercultural approaches to historical archives, and advances hybrid methodologies to explore contemporary issues. Previous projects by K. have critically engaged themes of colonialism and ethnography, geopolitics and climate change, and visual culture and the museum space. We collaborate internationally with artists and institutions to produce unique publications, which explore the book-space beyond mere documentation (as in the traditional exhibition catalogue), creating instead adjacent, parallel, or extended curatorial spaces. In addition, K. approaches publishing as a platform, which also realizes public events including panel discussions, public lectures, and exhibitions.


Read an interview with Anna-Sophie and Charles on the philosophy of their project at Bpigs (2012).

Read the essay "Inter Folia Aves: Reading Bird Books as Curatorial-Editorial Constellations" by Anna-Sophie (Publishing as Artistic Practice, ed. Annette Gilbert. Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2016, 134–52).

Read the essay "Volumes: The Book as Exhibition" by Anna-Sophie (C Magazine 116, Winter 2012, 36–44). 


K. Verlag (Berlin)                            K. Press (Toronto)              

Anna-Sophie Springer                     Charles Stankievech

Karl-Marx-Platz 3,                           487 Spadina Crescent, Office #207, 

D-12043  Berlin, Germany               Toronto, ON M5T 1R2, Canada

+49 30 609 549 58

VAT no.: DE269528145


info [at] k-verlag.com

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Some of the bookshops carrying our books:

Motto (Berlin and elsewhere)

Pro qm (Berlin)

Buchhandlung der Galerie Barbara Wien (Berlin)

Carpenter Center for Visual Arts (Cambridge, Mass.)

Archive Kabinett (Berlin)

Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin)

Zabriskie Books (Berlin)

section 7 books (Paris)

PrintRoom (Rotterdam)

McNally Jackson (NYC)

New Museum Bookstore (NYC)

Printed Matter (NYC)

Art Metropole (Toronto)


Some library collections owning our books:

A Public Library (Berlin)

Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong)

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (Leipzig)

Emily Carr University of Art + Design Library (Vancouver)

Evergreen State College Library (Olympia, WA)

Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig (Leipzig)

Hirsch Library, Museum of Fine Arts (Houston)

Lee Wee Nam Library (Singapore)

Metropolitan Museum of Art Library (NYC)

MoMA Library (NYC)

National Library of Canada (Ottawa)

Rujak Center for Urban Studies (Jakarta)

Stedelijk Museum Library (Amsterdam)

Stroom (Den Haag)

TBA21 Academy (M/Y Dardanella)


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